my friend and i attended a pole dancing lesson and she was so kind and welcoming to us! She was patient and made it feel as if we were just hanging with friends. Would definitely recommend!

Emily Q

I love going to Jez-mir-izing! I have been a student of Krista's for about 6 months now and I have seen a lot of progress with myself. Not only has my confidence increased, but my strength and courage has too. I am terrified of night driving, especially on highways. It's not the night time itself that scares me, but the fact that my vision is hindered and I can't see what all is out there. Jez-mir-izing studio is at Krista's home and she lives a little bit out of town, which means driving on less traveled roads (which is very fitting for her motto: travel on the road less taken and rise up to the challenge of life). Even though I am scared of night time driving, I have always felt safe and strong when I travel to the studio. I feel empowered driving on those darker roads, and the atmosphere gives a sense of calm and tranquility. I love seeing myself progress into a stronger, more confident young woman and I have Krista and myself to thank for that! I don't think I could've gotten this far, this motivated without her help and I look forward to working harder and seeing myself grow into my potential!

Michaela Brosius

Had such a blast at my first class! Instructor was very fun, knowledgeable, and provided a safe space for working out! Great workout and great experience! Studio was extremely clean!!

Brooke Baran

Had fun at pole, she just got a new nice studio. Very friendly and helpful in pole training.

gallery Girl

Fun sessions. Relieved a lot of my stress.

Lorelei Magbanua

Molly F.