No clothes, It's time!


How to avoid injury and stay safe on the pole:

As we all know pole is extremely fun, fulfilling and engaging. But what some of us may forget is the safety... 

Here are some tips for a non-injury pole workout. 


1. Do you skip your warm ups? 

Skipping warm ups is a extremely common occurrence here with pole fitness.

People show up late and say to themselves, oh, I am fine I do not need a warm up today.

Well, regardless if you don't feel like it, or because they just couldn't be bothered it's a big no no!


2. Are YOU hiding behind your clothes? 

In such a supportive and body confident industry there is a lot of you who don't want to show a little skin.

Usually this is a worry of beginners. Eventually, clothing diminishes as the student progresses and finds they need more skin to grip the pole for more advanced moves and routine. 

Interesting fact though, most of you are afraid to take your clothes off at home as well?! I'm sure this is because of the lack of support and encouragement. Versus what you would find in a group to aid your confidence... 

Not losing clothes is dangerous because some people, for one reason or another, have not understood that they must have their legs, arms and stomach uncovered in order to grip the pole.

Pole instructor from across the world have witnessed people attempt to invert for the first time in leggings, the reason being that 'no one wants to see my legs, I'm too old!'

I straight up will not allow you to pole with me, if you are not wearing shorts and a tank top. In addition, when we get to the more advanced moves, your clothes will be eliminated to help you stick. However, by this time in our 12 month membership they already understand and are more than willing. As it is exciting to be advancing ;). 

So LOSE THE CLOTHES, you will thank me later. 


3. Performing under the influence 

"Pole fitness is an aerial sport, we must remember that it has all the risks that come with that title, just as with other circus arts, gymnastics and so on.

All too often the 'pole fail' videos you see across the web are a result of someone trying moves while drunk or other influences."

You may be tempted while under the influence to show off your moves, however, we must remember that our reflexes and judgment are slow and inaccurate when we've had a few drinks, so it's best to avoid until you are sober.


4. Don't let go of the pole

SERIOUSLY! people do it, specifically when they are in the middle of a pole trick waaay up high. 

So do your spotter and self a favor and exit out of a move more safely. Plan your exit route if you need to. I do ;). 


5. Where is your crash mat 

If your answer is 'I don't have a crash mat' then you should invest in one immediately! Amazon has them for cheap. 

I am personally EXTREMELY grateful for my crash mat and so are the polers at Jez-Mir-Izing. For me learning the superman was intense and having my crash mat was a game changer. 

So if you dont have one GET ONE!

Alright Rise up stars now you know, it is time to get out there, do it, and be happy well and prosperous! Join now.